Welcome to MAVERIC Informatics documentation!

Welcome to the Microbial and Viral Ecological Research in Columbus Informatics website!

This site serves as a common portal to a variety of resources primarily handled by members of the Sullivan lab.

At this site you’ll find information relating to:

  • The OSU Environmental Microbiology “eMicro” efforts on OSC

  • The OSU Microbiome Informatics course (M8161) (more below)

  • A public-facing portion of the Sullivan lab’s informatics wiki, primarily focused on viral ecology research

Please keep in mind that this guide is very much a work in progress!. It is being built, week-by-week, as the microbiome informatics course is taught during the Fall of 2021. Every week (and often, daily) this site will be updated, built upon the lectures of M8161, with the goal of providing sufficient information to support class projects and research overall.

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